Tuesday, August 28, 2012

RMVXA Lighting Effect and Bug Fixes

Hello everyone, decided I would start getting more things for you to check out by first off today is a cool system I found for RPG Maker VXAce while browsing around the web :D

It has some really nice features including the ability to pick up and move around lights. Also does a good job distorting shadows. I recommend this, its beautiful and would bring some good quality lighting effects to your game. Also maybe some minor tweeks can be made on the transition time in the tints ;D

Next up is some bug fix info, basically I've been called out multiple time by Reka5 for my lack of attention to some bugs in my Enchantment System. so I went back and fixed that, Here is the newly updates post link because im nice and I know you're all lazy :) like myself <3

Enchantment System

I hope you enjoy I'm looking forward to posting more info


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