Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Procedural Terrain? Whaaaa?

Terrain Gen:

So, I've been working on a lot lately, as well as being really far behind in posting. I decided to go a head and play catch-up, so here are some snippets of things I've been working on. So first we have the Terrain Gen Project in RPG Maker (all versions XP and later) This is one of the more complex scripts of pulled off, it uses some custom made modules to convert image masks into ready data for use.

You can see more about this on HB Games, It's an awesome project and I'd be honored if anyone would like to help with it or make some plugins :)

Project HippoPanda... Lol (Secret Project, that's now not so secret)

I've also been working on a cool project, its a little secret but I can say it involves space, and dungeons, maybe even space dungeons? (ha ha ha) All I can offer right now is this screen shot from the opening scene... and a promise of a game where each play through will never be the same.

Right now I'm finishing up a lot of the classes, and its obviously a baby, I am however looking for a pixel artist as well as a UI designer. If you know anyone let me know ;)?

Oh hot dang!

Last we have a project that I've been working on with a friend of mine, (all his art he is awesome) I'm doing the programming on this one and its been a blast! I cant wait to work on it every day! Going to be a very large game!

Anyhow, that's it for now hopefully I can keep up on posting and show more things more often?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

RMVXA Lighting Effect and Bug Fixes

Hello everyone, decided I would start getting more things for you to check out by first off today is a cool system I found for RPG Maker VXAce while browsing around the web :D

It has some really nice features including the ability to pick up and move around lights. Also does a good job distorting shadows. I recommend this, its beautiful and would bring some good quality lighting effects to your game. Also maybe some minor tweeks can be made on the transition time in the tints ;D

Next up is some bug fix info, basically I've been called out multiple time by Reka5 for my lack of attention to some bugs in my Enchantment System. so I went back and fixed that, Here is the newly updates post link because im nice and I know you're all lazy :) like myself <3

Enchantment System

I hope you enjoy I'm looking forward to posting more info


Friday, August 24, 2012

Preview Video!

Hello everyone! I have a preview of the debug menu for you!, soon I will have the second video uploaded :) It will show off some more of the in-game features.

So thats it for now, I will try and get the other video uploaded ASAP


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Input Commands to Debug

New feature in my game that I will be releasing to the community, This system allows you to input commands to debug your game with, IE you can change switches, variables, add items, give gold, change player info like levels, names, etc. I will come fully equipped and will be customizable, a script mostly for RPG Maker Scripters.

All commands executed in game are logged in Game_Temp, and can be reviewed. You can even make a super command that activates a set of commands IE /super: would give you every item x99, max gold, max level, max stats, etc. I'm currently putting in a /teleport command.

Just a preview of fridays post enjoy!


Monday, August 20, 2012


Hello everyone,

I know its been quite some time since I last made an update, I've been fairly busy lately. Have a few things to show off before I head to bed. First up is some new SS of The Painted Rose:

New HP/MP/AP Bars, finished skill menu, finished main menu layout (might add gold icon), Working on Class grids fixed some bugs and added some new feature (#2) Preview of the debug system which includes editors for all major game systems, and of course new ambiance effects, I think they turned out really well.

Okay now that you've seen that, here is some more info, lately I've been working with friends of mine Stephan, and Dalen on an un-named mystery game, but I will leave you with a SS.

All I can really say is that the game will be steam-punk styled/themed and set on a different planet!! :)

Okay other than video games I've also been hanging out with some friends, one of my very close friends Jeffery Bradley recently married his high school sweetheart (also another friend of mine) Maggie Snider(Now Maggie Bradley) Here is a picture of my Friends and I (Bryant on the left, Jeff in the Middle and Me to the right)

Erm other than that I've just been playing Minecraft and Allods, Also thinking about starting a lets play series, but of course I would need a lot faster upload speed, thanks to my friend Stephan we have a video of Dalens first time playing minecraft on youtube:

Thanks, I can't wait to update you on what else has happened, I think I will start updating once ever Friday.

LLAP!(Live Long and Prosper)