Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Web Development Final - Part I

Hello everyone, just thought I'd post a preview of my Web 2 final, its an ecommerce site that sells Sun Glasses ;)

Any feedback would be awesome Thanks Luke (aka azrith001)

How Enchanting!

Enchantment Update

Woot, finally got some work in on my enchantment script, Figured out how to calculate the item that shows up and it works wonderfully, I did a roll count for automatic rolls (which means I press Enter once and it calculates how many times I would of had to press enter to get the enchantment), so anyway I did an auto roll count for the "Mythical" enchantment (which has a 5% chance to be obtained) the counter rolled 356 times the first time and 129 the next! So woot, I got it to pick random enchantments without being retarded and never picking anything else.. I got Worn within the first roll :< , other than that I built the frame work for most of the windows, sending and receiving data such as items, costs, etc. So without wasting anymore time, here is a screenshot:

So as you can see I still have some work to do, but I thought I'd share! I can't wait to release it! :D

Luke (aka azrith001)

Yay for some content!


I just added in my blogs first submission of my work, soon I'll be adding in some other stuff too including my FFXII remakes! I hope you all enjoy the current content, more will definitely come soon.

Luke (aka azrith001)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Starting New Adventures!

The Appventure Begins

Before today I'd never even thought of programming a game as an app for iPhone and Android, I'm super excited and ready to learn some code, I'll be posting any updates here. Let me elaborate, an old friend of mine came to me today and asked about some game design methods, what I use etc. We got off discussing life, and what not, then out of nowhere we start talking about programming on other platforms besides a computer. I'm happy thinking of even programming a game to possibly be played by hundreds to thousands+ players makes me feel as if all the work I've done up until now has be useful.

So look forward for any info I might bring, as well as (who knows) maybe even some apps by me and my friends.

Luke (aka azrith001)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

An Enchanting Preview!

Still Having Troubles

Well It seems as if today things are going in my own favor. Today I worked completely on my Enchanting System. This system will feature Quite a few features which range from Giving items new names, to making the item steal hp from monsters. Its written in RGSS1 for RPG Maker XP, I'll more than likely have it done in a week or so if I continue to work on it in my free time. Until then heres a sneak peak at what I have so far.

Thus far, I've added in the currency, and imported the players inventory, I've also completed the code for creating new weapons, and armor. Next I'll be figuring out how I want the player to enchant items, I have an idea for it right now, but its not 100% reasonable, Basically right now the enchantment you get it 100% random, but from my tests it not working how I wanted it to. So I might change it to be a random pick, with a chance modifier. IE: it will pick an enchantment at random, and say it picks Mythical, it will then check the chance for that enchantment (10%) and if you fall between 0-10 on a random number between 0-100 then you get the enchantment, otherwise it re-roll's for a new enchantment. I was thinking of having this process repeat several times before being marked as a failed enchantment. Just some thoughts, if anyone has any ideas, please comment.

Luke (aka azrith001)

The Adventure Begins!


Well today I'm finally venturing into the great unknown of blogs. I'm willingly doing this, I figured if I'm going to start keeping track of my work progress, I need a place to do so. In this blog I will be posting a majority of things I work on, even if I'm not going to release them, I'll still share my work with the world.

So I'm looking forward to this, and I hope I can get a few people to follow me in the mean time, I'd just like to build up something, and get my work out there.

Luke (aka azrith001)