Monday, August 20, 2012


Hello everyone,

I know its been quite some time since I last made an update, I've been fairly busy lately. Have a few things to show off before I head to bed. First up is some new SS of The Painted Rose:

New HP/MP/AP Bars, finished skill menu, finished main menu layout (might add gold icon), Working on Class grids fixed some bugs and added some new feature (#2) Preview of the debug system which includes editors for all major game systems, and of course new ambiance effects, I think they turned out really well.

Okay now that you've seen that, here is some more info, lately I've been working with friends of mine Stephan, and Dalen on an un-named mystery game, but I will leave you with a SS.

All I can really say is that the game will be steam-punk styled/themed and set on a different planet!! :)

Okay other than video games I've also been hanging out with some friends, one of my very close friends Jeffery Bradley recently married his high school sweetheart (also another friend of mine) Maggie Snider(Now Maggie Bradley) Here is a picture of my Friends and I (Bryant on the left, Jeff in the Middle and Me to the right)

Erm other than that I've just been playing Minecraft and Allods, Also thinking about starting a lets play series, but of course I would need a lot faster upload speed, thanks to my friend Stephan we have a video of Dalens first time playing minecraft on youtube:

Thanks, I can't wait to update you on what else has happened, I think I will start updating once ever Friday.

LLAP!(Live Long and Prosper)



  1. Hello there,

    You've made some absolutely beautiful menu systems. I'm very much new to the world of Ruby programming, RGSS2 and 3, having just gotten into RMVXA only about a month ago, but I'm slowly poking around and learning my fare share. I just wanted to comment and say that these look fantastic and I would very much like to see how everything works out once you've finished the Painted Rose or release an alpha.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, I've got somewhat of an Idea for a story :) Trying to write on it when I can!